2015 Ceramics

Ceramics by artist Justine Siedle

These works were created as tribute to prolific Melbourne artist Ronald Greenaway.

Greenaway has been making a splash in the Australian art scene since the 1950s. Known for his bold use of colours and humour, Greenaway’s work is often considered surrealistic, while at the same time transcending genres to carve out a place of his own. To celebrate an excellent career to which he continues to contribute to every day, the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn are putting on a retrospective of his works.

As well as featuring numerous artistic creations by Greenaway himself, the retrospective will include three new works by contemporary artists in various mediums. Justine Siedle pays tribute to Greenaway through her ceramic sculptures, Nicholas Ives has contributed a painting, and visual artist and filmmaker Ian Paradine has created a moving image piece which will be projected onto a light-box and be accompanied by a guitar piece by Pete Swanson.

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